Liam Smith is a clothing brand inspired by nautical New England set to launch this Summer 2020 for women and children. Stay tuned...


The world of Liam Smith was founded & designed in 2019 in our little home in Illinois while I was a stay at home mom to my newborn son, Liam Smith. I dreamt of a world I wanted him to live in, a mom who chased her dreams, stepped into her God-given talents, and changed the world...

This is where Liam Smith began..
Outfitting world changers-giving people a voice through their clothes for not only their personal beliefs but environmental beliefs. I believe each of us has the ability to leave this world better, the idea to empower the future to do so.

Nautical New England Inspired Spring/Summer 2020

This First Collection of Liam Smith was inspired by my love of the sea, the nautical vibes of blue, stripes, & sailboats we all long for. The New England heritage prep style with a mix of inspiration from the late Princess Diana for her fashion sense and love for her boys, as well as Jackie Kennedy with all of our special details in the Collection. 

The Forthcoming Future...

Liam Smith Company was set to launch the Spring/Summer 2020 Collection this March/April. As we are all aware of the world at the moment, everything is on pause. Our American factories in LA & NY are currently pausing production for everyone’s safety. The Liam Smith photoshoot in Naples, FL has been moved to a later date for my family's safety. Like all of us, we are hopeful this passes soon and back to our normal routines. LS is so excited for this New England Inspired Collection for Women & Children that we have been working so hard on over the last year, that we are confident we will launch soon...


A Little More About The Liam Smith Brand

The Liam Smith Collection was founded on 3 principles:

Empowered Women Empower the Future
Our Women’s and Children’s Coinciding Collection Reflects this with a Classic Prep Twist

This is important for our brand. As a mother to a boy, I want to raise the future knowing our boys can do what our girls can do, and our girls can do what our boy can do. Our Collection that is set to release this Summer is a unisex line for children, so we will influence fashion so that “boy wear” could also be worn as “girl wear” [and vise versa] this is a huge step for the world because it will show how we are ALL equal.

Sustainable Fashion
When I was dreaming of the brand, creating a sustainable line was important. We care for you and your family, we only want the best armor on you both. Liam Smith was built to last a lifetime, be good for our planet, support our American farmers as we are raising our family on our American Farm, and most of all be created in American factories making more work for our American people.

LS Gear

We launched “LS Gear” this past fall as promotion for the brand. Since then LS Gear has inspired so many women and we wanted to bring it back during this moment of pause in our world and our Brand. This Spring Collection of LS Gear is so much more than just promotion for the brand, we wanted to bring it back in the Liam Smith Collection color palette, promoting what we believe in, and most of all GIVING BACK to charities close to our hearts. Our world needs us now more than ever, pledge with us and give back to our communities while wearing LS Gear armor to empower the world around you. When you sport LS Gear you are empowering yourself, becoming a leader, being an inspiration for your “future” [aka children], and the people around you are reading it while spreading positivity. Let LS Gear be your armor in this time...

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