Female Founded

My name is Kylie, designer and founder of the brand. I created this Collection when I was a stay at home mom to my son, Liam Smith. Inspired by all the heritage classic style of the East Coast, love for fashion design, and love of traveling, Liam Smith was created.

Style to Live in

This first Collection of Liam Smith is simple, classic staple pieces inspired by New England design. These pieces will take you all year through every season. Liam Smith is style made to last generations and to coincide with children-- it's style to live in and by.

Responsibly Made

We are made from responsible fabrics: organic cotton and hemp. Organic cotton fiber is made with no chemicals to harm you or your children's bodies. Armor yourselves cleanly. We are 100% American Made. Providing American jobs and safe work environments is what Liam Smith stands for.

The Liam Smith Lifestyle

It's not just a look, it's a lifestyle. The LS staple pieces are creating a lifestyle of heritage prep classic East Coast living. The charm, simplicity, and elegance from the East Coast designed into a brand for women just like you. Boldly outfitting world-changers now and for future generations giving people a voice through their clothing for personal and environmental beliefs.

Liam Smith Spring/Summer 2021 x Naples Florida

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